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Mark Coulston - Employment & Labour Law

For over thirty years, Mark Coulston has made meeting his clients' needs the focus of his law practice. He is a well-known expert in the field and has earned a respected reputation as a leading employment lawyer in London Ontario.

Mark's practice is built on ensuring that clients fully understand their options by providing them with first-rate guidance throughout the consultation, settlement and litigation process. His experience in working in all areas of Employment Law - management, unions, corporations and employees - has given Mark unique insight into the factors that are important to both sides. This broad understanding of the issues is of paramount importance in achieving quick and agreeable resolutions to labour and employment problems.


"I am committed to working every file to the best of my ability and providing quick, cost effective results for the client. There is nothing better, in my mind, than the case that settles early and at limited expense to the client. I want the client to be able to get through a very difficult time with as little difficulty as possible. If I can make the transition for a client easier, then it leaves me with a good feeling."  Mark CoulstonLabour Employment Lawyer - Casino, Coulston and Gallagher

At Cassino, Coulston & Gallagher, Mark has guided hundreds of clients in overcoming the emotional and financial burdens brought on by Wrongful and Constructive Dismissals.  

What we do

  •  Wrongful Dismissal
  •  Constructive Dismissal
  •  Advice Before Termination
  •  Severance Packages
  •  Employment Contracts
  •  Human Rights
  •  Arbitrations


We know how

Mark entered the field of Employment Law in 1986 when it was in its infancy. His early research, study and devotion to this burgeoning area of law provided the foundational skills and knowlege that Mark continues to employ and build upon as the field has evolved.  A number of years ago Mark was responsible for a Labour Law arbitration that was made more challenging because, for the first time, Human Rights' issues were involved. His successful work in this case set a legal precedent for those that followed. 

While the majority of Mark's files are termination files, he has also skillfully represented employees in workplace investigations (such as harassment complaints) and reviewing/drafting employment agreements.

"I do know what I do for clients and that is I give prompt response. I look for the best resolution available for the client in the most cost-effective manner possible. It's a question of meeting the client's needs. I want to get a positive result.  Practical advice like keeping a job-seeking diary can prevent costly litigation and speed up the settlement process."  Mark CoulstonLabour Employment Lawyer - Casino, Coulston and Gallagher

Mark recognizes that the most common error made by employers is providing the minimum determined by the Employment Standards Act.  Employers often do not consider their commitments under Common Law. When clients consult Mark, this is the first aspect of the termination package that is considered. "Sometimes I find myself having to educate the employer when I make the call or write the letter. They think that an offer under the Employment Standards Act is all they have to do.  Often this is all that is needed to get the ball rolling toward a successful resolution."

Depending on the circumstances, and upon agreement, there are occasions where Mark's fees may be determined through a partial contingency fee agreement providing for a reduced hourly rate plus a maximum contingency fee of 20% of the final award upon successful settlement of the matter.

Whether meeting with clients, working on mediation or litigation, or appearing in court, Mark is firmly committed to meeting the unique challenges provided by each and every case. 


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